November 19, 2013

Stop Monkeying Around!

Does your office sometimes feel like a zoo? Perhaps you need Ape Management to get everyone sorted out! 

Ape Management is a Dutch company that studies primate behavior to better understand human dynamics in a group setting… much like the dynamics of any office. Founder Patrick Von Veen believes that studying our closest animal relatives is extremely helpful when learning about human relationships, communication and problem-solving. Apparently, stereotypes, managerial hierarchy, chit-chat and bullying are not solely limited to observations at the water cooler.

Ape Management's trainings and workshops for companies conclude with a unique outing to a local zoo or primate sanctuary where staffers observe and apply lessons learned from watching monkey interactions. This unique approach to inter-office politics has been utilized by mammoth corporations in the insurance, accounting and energy industries and receives glowing reviews from HR professionals and staffers alike.  

So, are you and your colleagues in need of a field trip?

To learn more, listen to this Marketplace Story or check out this article on BBC News

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