April 17, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me

I broke up with my boss.

It was a tough decision. One that was months, even years, in the making. Truth be told, we were no longer a good pair. I needed freedom; he was overly-dependent. I was dissatisfied; he couldn't get enough. I was ready for a new challenge; he got anxious and sweaty just thinking about trying anything new.

So, I did what every Selfish Half of a relationship must do when faced with a similar situation: face the facts and break it off. It didn't go well, I must say. I should have been better prepared for the negativity that followed. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. Lots of blame, guilt and finger pointing. 

But now, a few days removed from D-Day, I am feeling light, energetic and ready for what comes next. In case you were wondering, I already have a new boyfriend boss lined up. He is eager and driven and ready to work together as a team.  

The transition won't be easy. There is a lot that goes into evolving from one relationship to the next and I am a sucker for loyalty and commitment. The hard part is over, however, and I know I can handle whatever tasks come with making the switch!

April 3, 2013

Life in Graphs

Want some great lessons on interviewing life? Check out this amazing website, created by Liz Fosslein. She has a unique knack for boiling down big, complex things (emotions, cities, news, economics, etc.) into simple, easy-to-understand infographics. At a glance, you can learn about crime statistics in Chicago or get relationship advice thanks to her clever use of pie charts, line graphs and dots.

Why is this relevant to work-life balance, you may ask? Well, check out her take on how to get hired. It includes excellent tips on making the best impression possible to a potential employer, but with funny twists along the way. A few examples...

The Suit

Describe A Time You Had Difficulty With A Coworker

What Was Your Biggest Mistake?

Why Do You Want This Job?

I know an inspirational someone whose motto is "Show up." That's a big part of what I get out of these interview infographics: be thoughtful, show up, be yourself and success will come.  Good advice for interviews and life.