January 9, 2014

Office Lust: Wallpaper

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your 9-5 surroundings? How about adding a wall (or even just a stripe) of wallpaper? Thankfully, the wallpaper in your grandma's mauve-tastic home is a thing of the past! Chasing Paper makes it possible to add a little pizazz to your work space without getting permission to paint or investing in a serious furniture upgrade. Here are some great options.

If you are going for clever, try Book Worm:

Courtesy of ChasingPaper.com

Stylish? Choose Darling Diamond in black and gold:

Courtesy of ChasingPaper.com

And, for a classic look, I like Lovely Lattice in maroon and cream:

Courtesy of ChasingPaper.com
The best part is that there are no sloppy, toxic glues to deal with and, if you are a commitment-phone and/or report to a stodgy office manager, no worries! The wallpaper is removable and re-stickable (in case you've forgotten the old adage: measure twice, cut once). So go on, give it a try! I am going to try a border to bring some warmth into an otherwise freezing office.

January 7, 2014

Make the Most of Your Commute

According the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 90% of Americans commute to work. A full 8% of workers commute more than an hour each way to their place of employment. While that last statistic is mind-blowing to me, the simple fact is that even average commuters spend a large part of their waking life getting from home to work and back again: 38 hours per commuter per year!  

How many times have you put off starting a new habit, practicing an old one or taking the time to relax, because you're just "too busy"? Well, it might be time to "Treat Yo Self"!

Learning how to multitask during a long commute will not only take your mind off the traffic, unexpected delays and smelly passengers beside you, but will also give you a head start on feeling great about the day (or help leave work stresses behind as you head home). Here are a few suggestions:

The old standby. Worried that you'll never have the time for Anna Karenina? LibriVox has a ton of free audio books available, searchable by author, title or genre. Also, check out Audible, where you can download a free book when you sign-up for their membership program. Commuter Bonus: did you know that you can rent audiobooks from Cracker Barrel? (However, I do not recommend stopping for the Double Meat Breakfast everyday on the way to the office.)

In just a few seconds, you can download some pretty incredible podcasts to your iTunes account, computer or smartphone. Some of my favorites include: Marketplace Money, This American Life and Radiolab. Most podcasts can be pre-set to download new episodes every time your device is near WiFi and it's a great, on-demand way to stay entertained or informed while trapped in a car, train or plane.

For all you public transportation commuters out there! Knitting is the perfect way to pass the time, make something cool (or uncool, depending on how experienced you are) and also keep obtrusive people at bay with big metal weapons needles! Need help? You don't need a fancy class to get started. YouTube and KnittingHelp.com are excellent resources: from step-by-step beginners instruction to advanced skills and everything in between.

Learn a language
Thanks to a killer hour-long commute in law school, I now claim basic French* as a skill. Try it for yourself. Most local libraries offer lots of language courses in various formats, plus there are some amazing free classes online. I love Learn French with Alexa, Learn French by Podcast and my all-time favorite: Notes in Spanish

Mindfulness is not defined by sitting on a pillow surrounded by Tibetan chanting. A commute is the perfect time to let the mind wander, use your imagination, brainstorm for a project or to practice deep breathing. If driving in silence seems overwhelming (or too hippy-dippy) check out these tips or these for ideas and inspiration.

Lastly, don't over do it. I don't care how agile your texting fingers are, typing into any device while driving or walking on a crowded subway platform is a terrible idea. (And it's totally not worth it to prove me wrong.)

For more facts about commuting, check out this fascinating study from the Texas A&M.

*Defined as the ability to order croissants, find a bathroom and order wine with ease.

January 3, 2014

Office Essentials

As much as I'd like to make this a post about well-designed, posh offices à la Architectural Digest or Domino, when I say "essentials", I actually mean "essentials": those things I need to do my work (and do it well).

Function - As much as everyone likes teeny-tiny fashionable desks where everything is hidden away in invisible storage bins, that vision is simply impractical in my world. I have a jumbo corner desk that is reversed in the room, so that I can see the door front of me and the windows are at my back. This allows me to work in (mostly) natural light, see coworkers coming and going and, generally, work efficiently. While my desk is neat, I work best with visual reminders, so there are stacks of papers lined across the front of it and sometimes on the floor behind (sigh), as I keep track of various projects. Add to that: piles of business cards, file folders, bulky computer monitors and a 1980s-era dinosaur phone and you pretty much get the picture. 

Creativity - As much as I appreciate function over frivolity, I also want someone to have an idea of who I am when they enter my space. (All work, no play, etc.) There has to be a little whimsy: postcards from past travels to remind me why I'm at work in the first place, a sports pennant of my favorite football team, plants in the windowsill, a daily photo calendar and local flyers from events around town, all add color and personality. 

Essential Supplies - Comfortable sitting chair for guests who need to come in and vent, floor lamp to avoid the dreaded overhead fluorescents, corner bookshelf, Snuggie long cardigan, white legal pads, black gel pens, colored Post-It notes, my favorite stapler, small ceramic space heater, chocolate and tea, lots of tea. (Is it obvious yet that I work in an icebox?)

Currently Coveting - A nice rug to cover the industrial greige carpet that is ubiquitous in the building. More than anything else, I think a rug would bring a level of coziness that is noticeably lacking in our office.