November 6, 2013

An Office in the Sky

It is not everyday you get to peek into the office of a CEO. Thanks to Sam Rohn, we can virtually walk right into J.Crew's President and Executive Creative Director, Jenna Lyons' breathtaking office!

Click the link above to see the 360 view, courtesy of

A couple of things strike me right away. First and foremost: the view! the view! I would not be able to get anything done with huge windows so close to my desk. Also, I find it interesting how neutral the office is. Despite the bright pink desktop and a few small pops of color, the walls, flooring and fixtures are basic and simple.

P.S. Did you notice how the vibe instantly changes as soon as you leave Jenna's area?  The desks and cubicals of Jenna's worker bees are downright plebeian!

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