April 17, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me

I broke up with my boss.

It was a tough decision. One that was months, even years, in the making. Truth be told, we were no longer a good pair. I needed freedom; he was overly-dependent. I was dissatisfied; he couldn't get enough. I was ready for a new challenge; he got anxious and sweaty just thinking about trying anything new.

So, I did what every Selfish Half of a relationship must do when faced with a similar situation: face the facts and break it off. It didn't go well, I must say. I should have been better prepared for the negativity that followed. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. Lots of blame, guilt and finger pointing. 

But now, a few days removed from D-Day, I am feeling light, energetic and ready for what comes next. In case you were wondering, I already have a new boyfriend boss lined up. He is eager and driven and ready to work together as a team.  

The transition won't be easy. There is a lot that goes into evolving from one relationship to the next and I am a sucker for loyalty and commitment. The hard part is over, however, and I know I can handle whatever tasks come with making the switch!

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