July 2, 2013

Change is Good. Now Where to Start?

We all know that change is good for us: trying different foods, making new friends, mixing up our workouts and rearranging our office space  But, it's easy to place "changing careers" into another category altogether. It seems too hard, too far of a leap, maybe even too risky. 

Below is an excerpt from a new blog series by Mark Turcek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. Mr. Turcek used to be a high-rollin' Wall Street big shot until he realized he was ready to make a change. He gives some great advice (advice that I've used in the past and found helpful personally) in this piece posted on LinkedIn:

"My advice for those looking to make a change: Start now. Don't wait. Get engaged immediately..."

Instead of being paralyzed by a fear of change, Mark harnessed it to his advantage and took action: "There was no time to waste." 

Sometimes you have to jump from the deep-end and take comfort that your body will float to the top. Oh yeah, and it will feel really good.

To read Mark Turcek's entire blogpost, head over to LinkedIn.

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