January 31, 2013

Joie du Travail for Life

Do you know about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? It's a project from Jerry Seinfeld with a very simple premise: drive to get coffee, pick up a friend along the way, drink coffee with said friend. 

It's hilarious. And insightful. 

Jerry Seinfeld could be sitting around enjoying life in retirement, but you can tell that he actually enjoys working. He loves hearing what his friends and colleagues are up to, brainstorming new projects and reworking old ones. You can tell that he never stops thinking about his work. Granted, his work is telling jokes... but still. He takes it very seriously. (Do you know about the Pop-Tart joke that took him TWO YEARS to finesse?)

Here is an episode from the Comedians in Cars series, featuring a shared coffee between Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.  The one with Alec Baldwin is also a must-see!

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