January 3, 2013

And now for something completely different...

Welcome to Joie du Travail: a grand experiment to alleviate the mountain of aggravations that plague the working world each Monday through Friday. "Joie du travail" translates from French to mean "the joy of work."  At first glance, this oxymoron sounds like an unrealistic - even impossible - goal to achieve. However, since retirement is at least three decades away and my lotto numbers have not been called yet, my only hope is to turn the focus away from daily drudgery to the creation of inspiring, productive, and yes, perhaps even enjoyable career moments.

Join me as I look for creative solutions to career ruts, stale routines, uninspired offices and onerous officemates.  There will be a lot of humor along the way too, as seen here by Monty Python demonstrating a common office scene when management asks for a volunteer:

I hope you will join me on this personal quest for the "holy grail": sanity with a side of paycheck.

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